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Maple City Smiles offers the highest standard of quality care by working with you and your oral health care team to provide tailored treatment solutions to suit your smile and function needs.

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All Denture Services Available



choose a denturist?

Denturist spend the longest of any other dental profession specializing in the fit in and function of Implant, Complete and Partial Dentures. This ensures a healthy and confident smile while providing a comfortable experience you can trust.

I need dentures, what now?

Start by booking a Free Consultation with your Maple City Smiles Denturist. A consultation will allow the Denturist to provide you with all the information and tailored treatment options needed for you to make the decision on taking the next step into a healthy and confident smile.

Do I

have coverage?

Maple City Smiles accepts all Insurance and Government Assistance programs.

Call us today to see if you qualify!

Are dentures repairable?

Yes, in most cases dentures are repairable. Repairs can be done same day by our on site laboratory and include broken claps, fractures, tooth additions etc.

Can dentures be adjusted?

Yes, only a licensed Denturist should do any adjustments, this will help maintain the accurate fit and function of your Dentures. If you are experiencing any pain or discomfort contact your Denturist for an assessment.

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